OK Quintana Correll ("Quinta")
Foaled: June 02, 2006
Sex: Mare
Sire: Pure Country Ok Correll
Dam: Mystik’s Dream Catcher
Breeder: Ko van Tuijl

For Pedigree see Database "allbreedpedigree.com 

With her son Maximus (born 15-03-'13)

Blanca (left) with her mam Quita (right)

October 2011, Blanca on the right with Giulietta on the left
Morgan Horse show in the Mortel, July 16 &17 2011

Ko van Tuijl with Quinta & foal Cassandra Blanca

Blanca almost 4 weeks old


June 2011: Quinta with foal Blanca

Blanca one day old

December 2009

Quinta with her friend Maria






Oktober 2009



Quinta June 2009 with her friend Nebraska



Quinta 3 years old, April 2009



May 2009



Quinta nearly one year old, May 2007


Quinta, May 2007











June 2006